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Saturday, October 12, 2019

2:00 pm

Audio cinema provides a different kind of experience of audio story telling , watching and listening as the story unfolds. It not only allows people with hearing issues to follow the story , the experience allows all listeners to focus on the text as well as the sound. We are delighted to present a programme of radio documentaries from RTÉ's Docs on One.

Gentle Genius - Forgotten Poet (42 mins) Ger Wolfe captures the Irish experience in his songs and gently reminds us of the joys of the rural landscape and the Irish condition. The pleasure of strolling by a river, the beauty of birdsong, the pain of loss, war or emigration, all the basic joys, hurt and wonder of life are touched on in a deep and meaninful, often simple, and always powerful way in Ger’s music. Ger Wolfe is a man who’s genuine passion for nature and the simple things in life has captured the hearts of those who’ve encountered him.Featuring Christy Moore, John Spillane, John Creedon and of course, Ger Wolfe, this documentary will take the listener on a journey into the mind and heart of this forgotten poet, to discover the magic and philosophy generated through his music, to sample a small part of his everyday world and find out why he is so beloved by those who know him.

Keeping the door open - Levis' (41mins) Historical village pub, Levis in Ballydehob, was run by two elderly sisters for decades- the place is soaked in history and stories. The next generation of the Levis family, musician and FRED frontman Joe O Leary, wants to bring the family legacy of warmth and welcome, stories, music and craic into the 21st century. But with running costs going up, and rural populations in decline- will he be able to keep the door open at all? Leeanne O'Donnell follows the trials and tribulations of their first winter behind the counter.

Dan Joe's TV station (26 mins) 50 years ago, Cork farmer, Dan Joe Kelleher, was helping RTE erect a TV transmitter on a nearby mountain, Mullaghanish, on the Cork-Kerry border. The project gave him an idea: Why not erect his own transmitter and set up his own local station? Welcome to LTV Macroom. Dan's station has been running for the past 30 years. A sister community TV station operates from nearby Millstreet (LTV2). According to Dan Joe, both stations carry, not only local news, but good news. Their output should be uplifting. Dan says the station is good for the community and those who volunteer on it. His programmes are available in archive form in Macroom Library.

2 miles - (36mins) ‍Cork boxing manager Gary Hyde risked over 20 years in jail to smuggle amateur Olympic and world champion boxers out of Fidel Castro’s Cuba.The idea began with a conversation with Michael Flatley.Hyde, who was looking into getting into boxing management, had been encouraged to seek potential stars in poor nations by Michael Flatley - the dancer known for his Riverdance and Lord of the Dance productions.Hyde looked to Cuba. Fidel Castro had banned professional sports on the island two years after he took power in 1959. Since then, Cuban amateur boxers – regarded as the best fighters in the world - were more famous for the money they had turned down in contrast to what they could have earned. Irish radio documentary from RTÉ Radio 1, Ireland - Documentary on One - the home of Irish radio documentaries.