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Saturday, October 12, 2019

2:00 pm

Aoife Barry and Lauren Murphy are two thirtysomething journalists (and friends) working in different areas of the media in Dublin, Ireland.Like many people who reach a certain point in their lives, they found that it was becoming increasingly difficult to a) keep up with the ever-growing mountain of albums, books, films and TV shows coming their way and b) to figure out what was actually worth the investment of their time, as ‘real life’ stuff began to get in the way.So, they decided to make a podcast to recommend stuff that they - and their friends and other listeners - should bother with. Get Around to It sees Aoife and Lauren sitting down once a month (with a compulsory bottle of wine and big bag of crisps) to chat about what they’ve been watching/reading/listening to, and what they think you (and they) might enjoy over the next month.They called it Get Around To It (Arthur Russell fans represent!) because they know what it’s like to say ‘I really have to get around to watching/reading/listening to that…’