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Ask Audrey + The Life Hustle


Saturday, October 12, 2019

1:00 pm

12:30: Ask Audrey - What's Your Problem? She's saucy and she's posh, she's all about the dosh, Cork's favourite agony aunt is solving problems LIVE for one day only (unless she gets a few quid to do it again some other day)! 1pm - 2pm: The Life Hustle Podcast Live in conversation with Da Silly Heads The Life Hustle podcast is presented by business women Emer O'Mahony and Vivienne Kelly with the purpose of using social media for social good and to present a more authentic viewpoint of everyday life through conversations with their inspiring guests. Unfiltered and unedited conversations, the show aims to uplift and spread a good message, away from the pressures of the sometimes too perfect world of social media, in association with Cork's RedFM. Browse their catalogue of shows on redextra.ie which cover everything from sports and music to direct provision and mental health. Emer and Viv will host a live panel as part of the Cork Podcast Festival with special guests Da Silly Heads, discussing the work they do to break social stigmas around mental health in Cork through their advocacy apparel, impact driven events and clever social media cartoon characters. Da Silly Heads will share their own personal journeys that led them to set up their movement of advocacy to help create environments of understanding and empathy and a stigma free society to allow ambition, productivity and creativity to flourish. Join in the conversation at The Kino and help break stigmas and build a more empathetic community!